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Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM

Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM

    • Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM
    • Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM
  • Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM


    Herkunftsort: Guangdong, China (Festland)
    Markenname: GAOIXN
    Zertifizierung: ISO 9001:2008; QS-9000; CE
    Modellnummer: GX-8001-M

    Zahlung und Versand AGB:

    Min Bestellmenge: 1SET
    Preis: negotiation
    Verpackung Informationen: Nicht-Räucherung Holzkiste
    Lieferzeit: 15 Arbeitstage
    Zahlungsbedingungen: UHRKETTE Shenzhen, L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 50 Sätze pro Monat
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    Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
    Power: Servo Typ: Universalzugprüfmaschine
    Sensor: Celtron-Messdose Kapazität: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000kg
    Genauigkeit: ±0.5% Prüfgeschwindigkeit: 25-500mm/min

    Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM



    Maximum load

    2kN,5kN,10kN,20kN (optional)


    1 grade

    Measuring accuracy

    The value ±1% / the value±0.5%

    Tester resolution

    Max load 1/100000, constant the resolution

    Effective testing width

    400mm (or can be widened as customers requirement )

    Effective tensile space

    650,800,1000mm (or can be increased the height according to customers requirement)

     Testing speed

    From 0.5 to 1000mm/min     


    kgf, gf, lbf, N, kN, Mpa, pa(optional)

    Accruacy of displacement measurement

    Tolerance: ±0.5%  

    Accuracy of measured deformation

    Tolerance:±0.5% (according to requirement of customer to choose the larger or small deformation)


    Electronic-limit protection

    Testing plat form moving  device

    Fast /slow( two speeds to control) ,can jog

    Return Back

    Manual or automatic operation, After the test, the moving iron return to initial position with the highest speed by manual or automatic operation

    Overload protection

     Overload 10%, automatic protection


    One set of tensile clamp


    800*1000*2500mm (L*W*H)


    servo motor and drive


    220V,50HZ or as the requirement


    0.66kW (different demand of force with different motor)


     300 Kg(approx)

    A universal testing machine (UTM), also known as a universal tester,materials testing machine or materials test frame, is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. The "universal" part of the name reflects that it can perform many standard tensile and compression tests on materials, components, and structures (in other words, that it is versatile).
    Applicable industry:
    Universal testing machine (UTM) is widely used in controlling the quality; Rubber & Plastics; metallurgical iron and steel; manufacturing machinery; electronic equipment; automobile production; textile fiber; wire and cable; packaging materials and foodstuffs; instrumentation; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; research Laboratory; inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments; building materials, ceramic; petroleum & chemical; other industries.
    Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM
    Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM


    Company introduction:


    Dongguan Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd is a high tech company specialized in producing kinds of testing equipment which was established in 2007, located in manufacturing centre of China-Dongguan City where is close to Guangzhou city and Hong Kong.

    Our advantages:

    (1) Speciality in testing equipment

    (2) Various products to choose from

    (3) Accept customization

    (4) Excellent after-sale service


    Our products mainly divided into:


    1. environment simulation test chamber

    2. battery safety testing machine

    3. Footwear and leather testers;

    4, rubber and plastic tester

    5, tensile tester

    6. paper and packaging tester

    7. cable tester


    After sale service:


    1. operation manual and video, till user can operate the testing machine masterly.

    2. one year warranty

    3. free operation training.

    4. professional engineer to solve any problems or confusion about the test equipment.


    Laboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTMLaboratory Precise Electronic Material Universal Testing Machine,UTM

    Dongguan City Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Ansprechpartner: Johnny Jiang

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